Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Transform your pantry with five easy tips!

I don't have a huge pantry, so I'm always looking for ways to utilize every space and make it look pretty. Here are my five tips to easily transform your pantry. 
Click here to check out my video on how to organize your pantry!


Tip 1

Line your shelves

Adding a shelf liner can completely change the look of your pantry. If you have wire shelving it is a great idea to line your shelves so things can move easily and nothing will fall through. You can buy a shelf liner at many places like The Container Store or Target. This particular shelf liner is from Walmart and was $5.48. It's not a self-adhesive liner so you can easily reposition or remove it. You can buy it here.

Tip 2

Maximize underutilized space

When you have a small space, it's important to use every piece of that space. A good way to achieve this is by adding shelves to your pantry door. These spice racks are from Ikea. Check out this video to learn how to assemble and install the spice rack. 

Adding command hooks to the wall is a great mess free way to hang aprons.

This modular flip-out bin from The Container Store makes storing tea simple and easy.

Tip 3

Use containers

Air tight containers are ideal, but if you're on a budget these Dollar Tree containers will work just fine. What I love about storing things in containers is how it gives your dried goods a uniform look and cuts down on the mess caused by leaving flour in a bag. Don't forget to make sure everything has a label!

Tip 4 

Utilize floor space

Use stackable bins to store paper products, fruits, veggies and snacks. You can buy these bins here.

Tip 5 

"A place for everything and everything in it's place"

Decide where you want everything to go. So when you move it, return it to its place. Every single item should have a home, otherwise it will be much harder to keep your pantry looking great.