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Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Party

We recently celebrated my youngest son Gavin's first birthday! He absolutely loves Mickey Mouse, so I had fun putting together his Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday party.

These are pictures from his party. I've also added links to where you can purchase the items and how-to's for the DIY items.

Mickey was at the front door to greet everyone!

I purchased this mickey balloon from Amazon, and was able to get it filled with helium at Party City for $8.99. My 3-year-old son and 2-year-old nephew had so much fun playing with this balloon. They were so rough with poor mickey that by the end of the night his head was floating on my ceiling.

My niece wrote the message in disney writing on an easel we already owned.

Mickey Mouse oreo cookies

These cookies were very simple and easy to make.

What you'll need:
1 box oreos
1 bag Wilton red candy melts
1 bag Wilton black candy melts
White frosting, cookie icing or piping gel

1. Follow the directions on bag to melt red candy
2. Dip oreos halfway in melted candy, let cool on parchment paper
3. Once candy has hardened, insert 2 black candy melts into each oreo, making mickey ears.
4. Put white frosting in piping bag, and pipe the
white dots onto each oreo to make Mickey's buttons.

These bags were purchased from Amazon for $1.49 for 12. We used poster board to make the buttons, and secured them to the bags with double stick tape.

I considered buying Mickey Mouse ears from Etsy, but they were way too expensive so I decided to do it myself. The total cost to make 12 sets of mickey ears was less than $10. I bought 8 sheets of felt from Michaels for $.30 each, totalling $2.40. The headbands were $3.99 for a pack of 12 with $3.00 shipping. Here is a quick and easy video tutorial on how to make the ears. You can download the template for the ears here.

My sister and I decided to make Minnie Mouse ears at the last minute since we were both wearing red. I already had red and white polkadot napkins for the party, so we created bows from the napkins and they came out looking pretty cute. We attached the bows to the headband with tape.

These balloons added a nice touch to the party. I purchased them from Amazon in red, yellow, and black.

This high chair sign is so adorable and I downloaded it for free. You can download the templates here.

Kids and adults enjoyed playing pin the nose on Mickey! You can purchase it here.

These straws can be purchased at any party store, mine came from Amazon. Here is where you can buy the red or yellow straws.

Making this Mickey Mouse inspired table cloth was simple. Checkout the instructions below.

What you'll need:
1 black table cloth
1 red table cloth
Poster board/card stock or any stiff white paper
1. Let the red table cloth drape down the front of table. Use tape to secure the top of table cloth to the table.
2. Fold black table cloth in half length wise, lay it on top of the table.
3. Cut two oval shapes out of the poster board and tape to the front of red table cloth.
*Note- if you don't plan to push the table against a wall, use 2 red table cloths so it will be draped on both sides.

The cake came from Publix super market. I ordered a cake in the shape of the number one and asked them to cover it with red and yellow polkadots of different sizes with a black border. I used left over wilton candy melts to create the Mickey Mouse shape on the cakes.

Of course, no Mickey party would be complete without a Hot Diggity Dog bar!
Mickey Mouse Hot Diggity Dog Bar

Hot Diggity Dog Bar
Here are pics from the final set-up and party pics. Hope you enjoy planning your party as much as I enjoyed planning mine!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party
Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

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