Thursday, September 19, 2013

How To Convert Paper to Digital Files

How To Convert Paper to Digital Files

Living in a digital world, paper is becoming obsolete. Check out these simple steps on converting your paper to digital files without purchasing a special device or expensive software.

Step 1- If you don't have a scanner, purchase one as this is essential to creating digital files. If you have a scanner, great! No need to make a purchase.

Step 2- Gather all the documents you want to convert to digital files. As your gathering documents, make sure to sort through them and put them into categories. 
ie: monthly bills, tax info and money management would all be in separate categories.

Step 3- Log onto your computer and create a file folder for your digital files. Then click on that folder you just made and create more folders as sub-categories for your digital files. 
ie: Monthly Bill Folder, Tax Info Folder, Money Management Folder

Step 4- Turn on your scanner and start scanning documents one by one.  
IMPORTANT: make sure you "save as" your document as a pdf file and rename the file so its easy to find. ie: Sept2013CarPayment
Then drag the file into the appropriate folder and repeat for all paper documents.

Step 5- After document is scanned and saved properly, shred paper and breathe a sigh of relief! You no longer have to deal with paper clutter!!!

NOTE:  Never destroy vital records and other important documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, car titles, house deeds, etc.

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